Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Those hills are rolling hills, ones that speak in the dark, that suck the fog, and withhold the summer.

On the eve of a little road trip up North (high five for sun and lakes!), I thought an update was in order. Last week and this one so far has been a whirlwind of activity that only summer seems to bring, but wait what is this weather we have here in SF? I visit the East Bay and think, 'It's like Miami over here', so very different on each side. I guess I was all wrong about comparisons between Cali and England. I love the sun, but that fog has been good for keeping me cool when climbing the hills of Noe.

Noey (my beautiful bestie) and Oja (beautiful too!)

My friend started a pool group, I am rubbish at it especially with a few beers in me, but it's nice to see people midweek. I caught up with five friends this weekend, nice long quality chats that were much needed for the relationships I value so much. I went on long walks, had dinner with two different groups, I celebrated the birthday of my friend Alaina (see below and above) whose dinner parties go down in the history books for the best food, think blackberry pie, chocolate mousse, corn pone (from scratch!) and intense conversations, you leave unable to figure out if it is the food or constant laughter that makes your stomach hurt when you walk out the door. 

I did a little dance, scratch that I did a LOT of dancing, walking down the street in Noe where I was housesitting, at a concert The English Beat (see photo below, I was thinking I needed some 80s big hair), and with a friend of mine at the house. I've been going out to dinner (probably at the downfall of my tummy and wallet), loving the variety this city has to offer. My boss is a resto guru and so I have a long list to get through, Prospect, Des Amis, Shmidts, Francis, The Salt House, and Quince (all in good time).

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