Monday, January 26, 2009

Obama reviews and rants

At this moment, I am proud, something I haven't been for the past eight years. I am pleased that America voted for difference, that they voted for the wild card (or wild for this conservative nation). I can only say that it was time someone moved people and enabled the masses to come together collectively. I am not sure if it is Obama or our recent hardships that led millions to descend upon Washington a week ago for the momentous occasion, but I was happy for it.

I am happy for America, but at the same time I think to myself; he is but one man. A great man nevertheless, but simply only just one man and the expectation upon him is SO overwhelmingly great.

I hope he does well. I believe him to be intelligent and forward thinking. And he's given hope when there was little and replaced a past President that has increased our deficit and never should have been in office.

I found myself thinking while Obama spoke about America being great and how America should once again be first, that we should really give up this notion of being the best. We must stop concentrating on being the best, the strongest super power externally and focus on rebuilding internally. Once we admit to ourselves that we will never stay forever in a place of power (remember Rome had its day, Britian did too), then we can be free and content with what we have.

I wish him well.

Check out the photos.

Monday, January 12, 2009

On a serious note, peace protest for Gaza 10 Feb 2009

On Saturday over 100,000 people in London met at Marble arch to protest the bombing of the Gaza strip. It was lightly snowing and so very cold, but nevertheless people came and chanted 'what do we want? PEACE, when do we want it, NOW' and 'viva palestina' What made me angry is how the peaceful demonstration with its young children, students, posh people and intellectuals, turned into a bit of a riot. I was angry that things got out of hand for a few individuals and even more upset at how the media portrayed the protest.

In truth I am impartial to both Israel and Gaza. I see both sides of the coin, but I do not support the innocent killing of children, I do not support bombing civilians and ruining homes. One reaps what they sow and I am a firm believer in history and its effects on younger populations.

I am also an idealistic in that I just want PEACE and this continued fighting with guns and bombs will never bring about peace.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Leave to remain

It's official, I'm staying in England one more year. After applying not once but twice, I heard my application was accepted for leave to remain in the UK.

I got a little note when leaving the house for a anti war demonstration yesterday that the post man had been around with the package. I was desperate to know so I could tell my work and have everything sorted. I was hating being in limbo (I went a bit mental at the mobile phone guy this week because I wanted a NICE phone, but didn't want to get a nice phone if I had to leave in two weeks time). I chased the mailman down on a neighboring street. He knew what I was coming for. After whooping and hollering when I opened the package, I went off to celebrate with friends and protest for peace. :)

I have been dreaming of home (maybe it's the cold dark days here) and although I won't be making California my permanent home till next year, I shall be home for a visit (and Micaela's wedding) in March.

Thanks for every one's support.

A visit from my mother Christmas 2008

I was lucky enough to have my mother for a visit over the Christmas holidays.
The following is a letter we both wrote to my grandparents;
My mother's;
Wow! I am back in the public library and this time I have a library card of my own " to use whenever I visit."the librarian says. I am very busy with or without Sarah who has been very attentive. Over the weekend Belen,Sarah and I travelled on a double decker bus to a fabulous market which you would have loved Celie, with cheeses, sausage,pastries to eat or just sample. Friday night we went to a delicious Spanish Tapas restaurant, Sunday we went to another fair then to a museum of photography which was very interesting. You should have seen the picture of Bush and all the cabinet members when they were young ie before the war.
We then met Stephanie who was on Sarah's swim team [they reconnected in England]. We had a drink at the Brown and then went to a lovely area with little shops and houses which were all row house but these were definitely upscale. By this time it was dark and we had to kill time before going to a great vegetarian restaurant. Of course this is getting off and on buses and the tube. Sunday, Belen who has a pedometer on her cell commented that we walked over 10,000 feet that day.
Today I talked to Vera but we will not be able to meet due to conflicts. I then went to the Victoria/Albert Museum and then to Harrod's. I stopped for a latte and people watching along the way.
Well I'd better go.
Can you imagine the tube nor the buses run on Christmas Day. The workers must find another way to get to work as hospitals etc still need workers
I may not talk with you again till Sunday.
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Mine;
Hi All,
It's a shame I can't spend more time with my mom, but I have off for a week between Christmas and New Years so I am looking forward to that.
Just for the record, it was Borough market, at London Bridge where we had really nice fresh oysters (Belen's first time trying and she loved them) and we went to the National Portrait gallery to see the Annie Lebowitz exhibit and to 'Brown's' and then to a lovely little area called Primrose Hill where all of the posh people live and where we were somewhat peeping toms looking at every one's christmas decor.

Tomorrow I get off early and hopefully we shall check out some cute little shops and go to a christmasy pub by my house....we are off to my lovely previous flatmate's family dinner Christmas day (even though it is Hanukkah for them) and then I am taking my mom to this beautiful garden place (Kew Gardens) on Boxing day...Dad, one of their many gardens holds the largest number of certain types of bamboo...and Saturday we will go see a play on Edith Piaf's life, a musical rather, and then Sunday we are off to Bath! Whew.

Needless to say I am keeping her busy and I am the one who wakes her up in the morning! The woman who swears by her six o clock wake up call has been rising at 8 or 9 in the morning over here in Jolly must be our dark winter, though we've had nice weather and no rain!

Best wishes and have a lovely Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Photos: On the bridge in Bath, flowers in the Kew Gardens, Ice skating in Kew, and my mother in Ottolenghi restaurant. So good!)
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