Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Honey, you are a shining star.

Yesterday when I found the above photo of Susan Sarandon I started thinking of the baby boomer generation of actors and how they've sustained such great success over the years. They've had a few flops or misses, all actors do, but overall their repertoires are impressive! I did a little search and came up with these timeless photos of my favorite actresses of the baby boom, and probably my favorite actresses EVER. Not only do I think they are witty and very funny, I'd like to believe they are kind in real life and also great mothers. We all know what they look like now, still beautiful, still going strong, but check out these stunning photos below.

Photos taken from tumblr, flikwit, and listal.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Against the wall, the rock wall.

My friend Kina organized a wine event for us to attend, a perfect way to spend a sunny (and I mean SUNNY) Saturday afternoon. We arrived midday to Rock Wall winery, owned by the Rosenblum family, in a very random spot in Alameda, housed in a converted 40,000 square-foot airplane hangar, located on what was once a Naval Air Base with views of San Francisco and the Bay bridge. There were a number of different labels and grapes were from various places like Lodi and Contra Costa County (kind of random). It's just amazing how far reaching the wine industry has expanded, there are tasting rooms and wineries sprouting up all over the place. We found our favorite sparkling wine and a few cool cars to snap some photos...I wish I had my camera, but check out the cool pics from Kina and Jessica's iphone application.

Friday, April 23, 2010

I am trying to sew it back up!

This pale pink photo represents a sentiment I've been sort of feeling as of late.

I love discovering a new illustrator on etsy, it brings a nice little smile to my face just before the weekend. Check out Shira Sela's Etsy page here for more of her illustrations.

The Selby

Todd is cool. He takes fabulous pictures and he knows the right people.

Like Lucy and Duffy in London

And Elli and Gui (and their kitty) in Japan.

Dan and Shannon have a nice set up, enough cutlery for you and I.

Hunt's pad is full of color and that's the way he likes it. If I had a wall, I'd do the same.

Contact Todd now to take photos of your home or you. Check out his site: The Selby

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I love you Earth.

What are you doing today for Earth day?! Be kind to our earth!!!! Puh-lease!

Photos from Tumblr, 001 and Design is Mine

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Get back to your roots.

Sometimes overwhelming, but so strong and thick!

Photos from Flickr: SA78, Sarahpeters1, Iron rod art, and Murcurio

Keep it vintage, Keep it short.

The sunshine is making me think dresses, and short dresses at that! I found these pretty little ones on Ruche, found by Design is Mine and they are so reasonably priced. I tend to prefer them on an actual model, but you get the idea.

Lady of Sherwood dress.

Art academy chiffon dress

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sunshine Saturdays and celebrations for Simone.

Simone Grace is coming soon so a party was in order. 27 lovely ladies joined us Saturday to celebrate with my good friend Micaela, mother to be. She's the first of our group to have a baby bump. It was a joint effort by her mother, two other friends, and Anna and I to host the event. Anna and I took care of the booze, invites, games (!!!) and party favors, Micaela's picture on M&Ms, we all text her the next day to tell her we were eating her FACE. We also took care of the decorations. I think Anna and I had more fun on the way over, trying to fit all of the many balloons she went crazy with in the cab of her truck, trying to avoid the many cops we passed and trying to see out the window without allowing a balloon to slip away from our grasps.

Unfortunately I didn't get the greatest photos on the day (see below). There were such sweet touches (like photos of Micaela as a baby on name tags) and she received the most fabulous baby gifts. Now it is only a matter of time.....

Anna and her helium happiness.

Preparing for presents in the garden.

My fav photo of the day, Gerry (Micaela's mother) with her good friend Karen.

The Sylvester spot and Travis Somerville

I've been house sitting for my people, my lovelies that collect antiques and art, martini glasses and cats, flowers and wine. An ever prevalent artist among their collection is one named Travis Somerville. I went to see some of his work at the Catherine Clark gallery near MOMA.

Travis is an American artist (who was born to civil rights activists). He is known for tackling Southern racial issues, his works incorporate collage, painting and sculptural elements, as well as site-specific installations.

My favorite piece of his is 'The great American let down' where he took vintage photos, old photos, painted half of them in blue representing water and placed them on top of a tin roof, representing those lost in New Orleans (see below though the photo does little justice).

I am not sure what the following two are titled, but they are in the house, ever prevalent Kennedy, great large pieces in the hall.

His most famous work (in my opinion) which toured with the Smithsonian is 'The only begotten son' below, it is such a huge and fiercely moving piece.

A few black and whites.

Feeling a bit nostalgic, a bit sad for the past and what can not I thought black and white photos were fitting.

Tomorrow is a new day.

I am sorry, but unfortunately I can't tell you where these are from (I've had them for awhile).

Friday, April 16, 2010

Just Muse, just brilliant.

All I can say is that Muse put on a great show! They played covers, new stuff and old stuff and their visuals changed with every song. One of the best concerts that I've seen at the Oakland Arena! Check out these photos which attest to its greatness.

PS The first picture, those are plastic eyeballs sent out into the crowd, great big balloons filled with red confetti just waiting to be burst by the mosh pit, letting off a feast for the eyes.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I am ready to catch another flight. I believe it's that time when I should go visit my father whose other life is in China. I haven't been there before so I am excited. I just have to see about the visa and buy my ticket for May. I also want to stop in London and visit my peeps there! Here are a few photos to get me in the mood:

I might need to bring a mask, below is a smoggy photo of Chengdu, look at all of that carbon omission!

Photos from: loveinflation, dutchuncle, downa, and youcleverfox

Things I like: floor to ceiling bookcases

I've been thinking a lot about bookcases or bookshelves as on my list to do is to organize my literature collection. I love a floor to ceiling piece because I have a lot of books and they effortlessly bring color to a room. Check out the ones below:

And a more unconventional piece designed by Stanislav Katz from freshome:

Photos from Desiretoinspire, Freshome, andApartmenttherapy.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Maybe you can have your cake and a chocolate cookie too.

This past week has been special, but sad.

I've house sat, gone for a few cruises in the mini and celebrated the life of my uncle who passed away. I met with a friend for sushi and a walk on the beach at sunset, went for oysters, and went for a tour of Deutch Bank. I did some temping for an all woman's commercial real estate agency, super intense, super fun. I went to the aquarium with a few friends and listened to music.

And this weekend I went down to Monterey/Carmel. I always forget how beautiful it is there. My mother and I stayed at my Godmother's place. It's great and so is her neighbors and her dog Pip (and neighbors' dog Bently). I missed her and her 'honey's', 'pet's' and 'darling's', she truly is the best godmother. Saturday we headed to a jazz performance by my cousin Marie, who was brilliant on the bass, she also plays the huge trombone (I think). Dinner of lobster/halibut and ice cream on the pier followed with three of my aunts, mother and two cousins, a nice little family treat!

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