Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Filter free ladies laughter and sun! Oregon Trail Part deux.

There must have been something in the water in Oregon because our little road trip was magical. I thought I was just along for the ride, I wasn't quite clear about the game plan, but Calleen (Noey's sister friend through a catering gig many moons ago) had it all planned to perfection. I didn't know who we would meet along the way, but by the end of the trip I, along with Noey, were giving our new found lovelies Pam and Cailin (and Jill!) each other advice, lots of hugs, and all saying how much we loved our time together. When we left, for me, it was as if a bubble burst and the air we had been floating on ceased to exist. I think we all needed the little trip. Pam and Calleen especially were or are going through unforseen life changes, new chapters, and Cailin is heading to UC Berkeley as a new student which is always such a great new adventure in ones life.

I say this often in my blog about how much fun I have, but I can not honestly remember the last time I laughed constantly for five days straight and did not bicker a bit (just a pillow fight or two) with a group of strong willed women (are there any other kind?). From this trip we will forever have endless inside jokes. Writing this brings a smile to my face and I am sure my laughter lines have deepened.

It was a girly weekend for sure, and I felt a bit bad for Gerald (Pam's husband) who was the only male for a few nights, having to deal with all of our women talk and that meant no filtering, lots of noise and excitement. Sean, Calleen's nephew (see above with his wife Jill and Calleen)  graciously cooked for us and dealt with all of our energy too.  One night, in the middle of a serious conversation, Calleen turned to me and said mid sentence, totally switching course, 'oh and your hair looks great like that by the way' Sean exclaimed ' Damn WOMEN!' He had some great stories, as did Jill, who was a nurse in the maternity ward. She took us to downtown Bend where we shopped, enjoyed the art and local color. There happened to be an old car show and I was in heaven (I want something old school to drive). 

After this little tour in Oregon I realized that friends are such gifts and I am so blessed to have amazing friends to have through the trials and tribulations of life. I am sorry this post is so cheesy, but it's often times very hard to find balance in relationships in general and maintain positivity through the crazy times and I felt all goodness was achieved on this trip. It made me hope for the strong bond of a friendship which I saw with Pam and Calleen who've watched each others children grow, and also what a good relationship should be when looking at Jill and Sean and also Pam and Calleen's with their respective husbands. And finally I hope I have a daughter who is so well rounded, kind and funny as I thought Cailin (with her friends and us below) to be. Sometimes you can meet someone and know in an instant that you love them (P). And other times a trip like the one we had actually makes you value the life you lead, your friends (N&C), and makes you strive for something better, something great. 

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