Sunday, October 28, 2007 Big on Treats!

Wanting something new or different to give to friends this holiday season? Or are you an aspiring artist trying to get your work out there? Try This site showcases various crafts and art work that are ready for purchasing. The goods range from jewelry, collages, print posters (my favorite) and authentic t shirts and all have an original, one of a kind feel to them. An awesome feature of the site is the color wheel, useful when trying to find something to hang in a room or wear, while having a particular color in mind. There is a little something for everyone! Check it out:

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Lovely Oxford

After spending a night in London with my cousin Jessica (pictures to follow) at the Intercontinental Hotel near Hyde Park (highly recommended), I arrived in Oxford on Saturday. It felt like a dream, like I was going back in time. My friend's and I jumped jubilantly around for an hour or two when first meeting and then they whisked me off to the city centre to watch an important rugby match with a group of friends. It was a proper Oxford welcoming as we stayed up late into the night with pints, laughter, and stories. On Sunday I ran into a nurse that I used to work with (she was shocked to see me!) and had her swear not to tell a soul I was making a surprise visit the next day to the practice. When I arrived there Monday, although everyone was excited, most already knew of my return, except for our two Doctors. I brought coffee to them like it was a regular old work day and I had never left. They were flabbergasted and both did double takes which my mate (and coworker) and I found to be so hilarious. Her and I were termed by the practice as Batman and Robin (I'm Batman). It is good to be here. Though mama, please send me more WARM coats and scarves!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Packard Jennings. Defying the Norm.

I met this cool cat at a party last week in the country. Not only did I assess that he was a nice guy, he is also a fresh artist. He previewed a film at the party entitled "Mussolini Action Figure at Wal-Mart" which I thought was very witty. His art, which some may consider radical, takes commercialism and branding to a whole new level and I support his quest in defying the norm. My favorite is his Walgreen's coupons and the bible stickers he encourages everyone to place on those lovely books one might find in most hotel rooms (see picture).

To view his work (and even purchase something!)
Or to view his film check out "Mussolini Action Figure at Wal-mart" on youtube:

To London, to London to buy a fat pig.

Tower Bridge, London
Originally uploaded by bridgepix
I dream of furniture and house fixtures, hope for a picture on a wall which acknowledges my style or presence. I covet magazines like House Beautiful and Elle Decor. A place of my own (where I can actually have my books on a bookshelf) is left on the back burner. I now have the sea to cross.
I am leaving to London this afternoon to embark on another great adventure or to finish the one I started. I will visit with my cousin and stay with my wonderfully generous friends in Oxford while I look for a flat in London. I will post pictures soon of those cheeky Brits and hopefully report I scored a proper job. Fingers crossed.

So long for now San Fran.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Thank you for ruining my breakfast, Mr President.

I sat down with my coffee this morning to enjoy a quick view of the morning news and found George W on every channel. I hate it when this happens. I caught him at the point where he was explaining we have more people than we have houses and I don't want to take patients or money from the private (meaning the big HMO companies). I believe his news conference was his attempt at explaining why he vetoed a bill to allow the "poor kids" medical aid. When I see him now I think about when his daughter was asked by Ann Curry last week on the Today Show, "What is it you would like the country to know about your father?" and she replied, "that he is incredibly open and he is actually really smart." If the president's daughter has to defend her father's intelligence, I believe we have a problem.

One can only hope congress will pass the bill to double the amount of children eligible for health care. Under the Children's Health Insurance Program it will cost 35 billion over a ten year period to provide care for 10 million children. The program aids those who are over the medicaid bracket and are unable to afford private insurance. European countries support all of their children medically, why can't we?

I cannot wait till next year when Bush will be a memory, an unfortunate stain on our presidential past.

Mana Concert. "Baila y Canta"

My next door neighbor and good friend Deb (see photo on the right) is obsessed with the group Mana (with an accent on the last a). The Spanish rock group who has withstood the test of time, they are equivalent the Rolling Stones for the Latino population, came into town two weeks ago and I had the great fortune of scoring a large number of tickets to the concert. Although I wasn't thoroughly familiar with their music, they put on a great show with fire and waterfalls! Que Fantastico!
Here are a few pictures of my friends and I rocking out.


Some of you might already be familiar with the singer Feist, but I recently discovered her by way of my friend, Jessica. I am totally smitten with this lovely sultry singer. She is a bit out there (see her videos) and of course that is why I love her so. A Canadian native, to me she is a mix between Mirah, Nina Simone, and Jem. She will be touring Europe this month and the U.S. next month. She recently did a commercial for IPOD so some of you might recognize her from the song '1 2 3 4'. To check out her videos, see below.

I am all for dancing on the escalators in airports! My Moon My Man video Mushaboom video

Snow and Graham

Although email is a preferred favorite by most to get in touch with those we love, I am a bit old school in that I enjoy sending and receiving letters by post. My new favorite stationery is from a company called Snow and Graham. The simplistic, but whimsical designs on beautifully thick paper have got me itching to write a note to friends or to say a quick thank you. What better way to do this than with a curtsy?

The stationary may be found on: or on their own site:
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