Thursday, August 26, 2010

I am cruising the city on my two wheels.

Maybe this little blog should be the cycling elephant! I bought a bike and I feel so free! I wanted a bike like my friend Rose has (see above), but I got one that is better for the hills and city. It's funny though because I bought it frustrated at having to rely on friends for a ride and since I got it, I keep getting rides everywhere.

It took me 25 minutes to ride yesterday morning all the way down third street straight to work which is less time than it takes me on the muni. For some reason I keep singing to myself, ' I am smoking fools' and rapping, no idea where this came from and I wasn't going particularly fast. Maybe it was because I consider it a somewhat 'ghetto bike' which I got for 80 dollars. When I picked it up the guy I bought it from was surprised I was going to just ride off with it so I was skeptical about its capability, but it is nice and light and does the job, even my friend Nate thought it was a smart purchase. It will pay for itself in 15 rides to work and it's great exercise.

I keep waving at others who are riding, like now I am in the cool club and I've got that glowing feeling of everyone should be hoping on a bike and doing the same thing. All I need now is a basket and some stickers! I will post a photo soon, but until then a few pictures to get you in that riding mood.

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