Monday, July 26, 2010

We kissed little baby hands and listened to music in the sunshine.

Sweet Simone in my lap.

Momma loves Simone.

And momma loves Jack, the new addition to the Vieira-Ducey family. He came a little early, but he's got such personality.

Little Jack was so subdued with music blaring and dishes banging at the resto. I love his little baby hands and he looks a bit like his daddy who I knew when he was this little.

Say cheese and pass me a corona, Sunday in Dolores (again), but this time with Debra!

Big Fela's sweet in the heat.

SF symphony serenades.

The summer has been amazing so far. I've been housesitting so living rent free and exploring new neighborhoods, walking and talking with people on the streets. Babies bring forth joy and it's been a treat to have cuddle time with the new additions to an ever expanding family/friend base.

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