Saturday, October 24, 2009

Oh the horror!!!!

Last night I found a mouse dropping IN MY BED! I must move, I must move now!
So disgusting...I want to cry.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Passion for print

Image from 100 layer cake

Did I tell you how much I just love stationary? And did I tell you how much I love receiving and sending post?! It's not ideal at the moment as there is a postal strike here in London, but if I had my way I would get married or have babies quite regularly just to send out these lovelies.
An invite on oncewed:

And how great is this card from Enormous champion:

My love of blogs doesn't only consist of designsponge and fashion blogs, but I heart all of the many print blogs out there like Beast Pieces and Oh so beautiful paper

I'll leave you with another wedding stationary from Dolci Odille below:

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A quick update

Wow have I been busy!
Our house guest has moved to Fulham so the house is back to normal (sort of). We have other house guests now, ones that just won't go away! Mice! It's terrible!

My friend Stephanie called me Friday to say she scored tickets to an Arsenal football (soccer) game. The stadium is down the street from my house and I had never been to a match so of course I gladly excepted. We had great seats although she told me yesterday that the colleague who passed on the tickets was sadly sacked!

We, as in Belen and I, booked tickets to go to Berlin in November. I can't wait, she's been before and really loved it. We are staying in this hostel whose name I cannot pronounce in the much sought after Mitte district. I hope to go to the Jewish Museum Berlin and I heard of this great wine bar, Weinerei. Finally my boss whose obsessed with the Berlin wall and Berlin in general recommended Rodeo Berlin to dine.

And this weekend I cannot wait for a spa date with the gals. We are going to probably the poshest spa in London, The Sanctuary. Can you believe they have a sleep room with low frequency sound wave beds?! Although I'm very excited nothing can compare to my favorite spa in San Fran, Kabuki springs. We will then be 'ladies who take tea' at Brumas (photo below). All in all I forsee a perfect Sunday.

Fashionista heaven by way of a blog

I found this photo on one of the many fashion blogs I've been scouring lately, like this one: Jak&Jil. It's a fashion revelers delight, like the Sartorialist, but not. This photo so reminds me of a herd of giraffe, or sheep (yet beautiful black sheep). Rush, rush, rush to the shows.

There is also Sea of Shoes, this gal is living the life of dreams with her shoes in Texas. It looks like she gets her style from her mother.

And of course there is always the fabulous fab: , brought to you by my friend Samantha (second from the right).

One blog leads me to another and to another and so on. There are some that are so utterly imaginative, some where the writing is fab, but the pictures are not and some whose content and photos overwhelm.  Is this heaven  (there is something for absolutely everyone) or hell (how many photographers/writers are out there)?!With all these new blogs popping up, and this stream of constant new information, I can't help thinking, how can one keep up?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Animal treats

I just found these works of art on .

I've bought the elephant print above by Grand Ole Bestiary for my bathroom as I love elephants and black and white photos.

Others like this one above by Berkleyillustration's I imagine in a young child's bedroom wall as an old family portrait looking down on ones faux ancestry. While being grand I find them quite comical. It makes me think a business man is really a bird or a polar bear in a suit! We are all animals (roar)!

Monday, October 12, 2009

A few visits to the bar

Last week was a bar/pub filled week due to a visit from Belen's friend Vanessa.
Wednesday and Thursday we were out and about going to The Green (two for one cocktails are always a good thing) and Keston Lodge which is filled with character though the beers are a bit pricey.

Saturday we hit up the bars around Spitifields/Brick lane. Commercial Tavern is one of my all time favourites. They were playing loud show tunes, Doris Day style and the lingering sunlight of summer cast its warm rays through their huge windows upstairs (photo above).
The Ten Bells was second on our list, a place where Jack the Ripper used to have a few and where there was an unusual large amount of people lingering about. The pub happens to be next to Christ church where a wedding was taking place with Tony Blair in attendance (think posh dress and beautiful head gear from the ladies). We got a nice view of him and the other guests and then carried on to The Light Bar

I've got a few more up my sleeve like: Tart Bar They make delicious cocktails which are two for one on Tuesdays/Wednesdays.
And, a newly discovered small little place with character that my friend Emma took me to called Bar 23 . The DJ mixed some great music, it reminded me of home. It's website doesn't do it justice.
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