Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Sunday

Occasionally you have those days that make you feel in the present and you are happy with this present, happy in 'the now'.This Sunday was a 'happy to be alive' type day.

I woke late, disappointed at not feeling in top form though giddy in remembrance of the good times had the night before. A breakfast recap among two gal pals, some much needed nourishment and then I went home to change from rain boots I thought appropriate for a cold fall night. Refusing the cool darkness of my house I took my bike to explore, with a short skirt which I just had to wear because it was so HOT. I inexpertly rode my bike to the mission whistling the whole way as I passed motorcyclists out for a Sunday drive, a bunch of hipsters partaking in a pretty amazing looking game of dodge ball and numbers of people licking ice cream walking down the street.

Ice cream is perfect, I thought, and of course everyone else had the same idea. When I got to bi-rite ice creamery known for their salted caramel or burnt orange ice cream there was a long line I wasn't willing to stand in. I chose lavender honey down the street at their market, to take home and made my way back racing with a pretend friend (I know I am ridiculous, but it's true) and smiling. I sat on my porch, my grand porch watching the clouds pass with my ice cream.....later I took a much needed shower...I never noticed how lucky I am to have the shower I do, I am just tall enough to see over the window to watch the sunset over the hill in front of me, all the while getting clean, how many people can do this? Watch a sunset while in the shower? It must be the time of year that causes the sky to be painted with such colors.

I've got a movie night ahead of me with homemade pesto, a few chores to do. I'd say I am very thankful for this Sunday.

(photos of my porch)

Saturday, November 6, 2010


I forgot how much I love to dress up, always ready for a good party and costumes!

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