Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Vistas far and wide, chickens and a rat too. The Oregon Trail part Un.

Since I am working hard and only had one chance to roadtrip and travel this August and because it was an amazing trip, I thought I would dedicate a few posts to my trip up north to Oregon so please bear with me.
Maybe it was so good because I was with my bestie and her best friend, and her best friend, maybe it was the heat and great sunshine, or the fact that I didn't have to work, or maybe it was because we were surrounded by never ending nature.....

The dry brown beauty of the land passed us along on both sides as we made our way up north. I am my mother's daughter, I tried to snap shots of cows I saw in the fields, tried to capture the overwhelming expansive forest blanketing the peaks and dales that floated towards us. Old country cars cruised the slow lane, we passed them up, Calleen knowing the open road up north like she knows her kitchen.

We stopped in Ashland, we stayed in Jacksonville, in the beautiful home of Pam and Gerald (best mates of Calleen) who had chickens, goats, a hammock, swing and a sweet Zoe dog who was chill. On our trip we went to Elk Lake, 30 minutes outside of Bend (photo above), had a nice river next to the home of Jill and Sean, where we enjoyed long walks. We took a trip to Crater lake (far above) and a ride down the Rogue river (below Cailin's friends on the river).

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