Monday, March 30, 2009

Home sweet home

Weddings are joyful, beautiful and ritualistic. One is able to dance, to eat (in this case eat great food) and the champagne/wine is constantly flowing. One gets to be with their 'people' and catch up with old friends, what more could one really ask for? I had the best time at my friend Miceala's wedding, she's an old high school friend that I've so happily kept in touch with over the years. Miceala looked so beautiful in her dress and Chris, her beau took his brother's toast, I mean ROAST, pretty well. The bridesmaids did a dance with the bride that we practiced over and over and that I had to learn in two days, but it went really well.

Not only did I have a smashing time at the wedding, the week after and before were definitely worth the plane ride. One day alone I spent quality time, albiet a bit too short of time, with six different people. It was nice to see my grandparents although my grandmother was ill in the hospital, but I think it made her feel better when I showed her my crazy high heels for the wedding. And because she was ill my father had stuck around to make sure she was alright before heading off to China so I was able to have dinner with him. It was also good to see one of my cousins, whom I haven't seen for years and his sister and I spent a nice time on a walk by the lake.

I enjoyed driving in Cali, seeing spring pass me by through my window. I was actually a bit nervous since it had been 9 months since I was behind the wheel as I walk everywhere in London. Walking for leisure is lovely around my neighborhood in Cali; at Lake Chabot and in Lafeyette where I met my friend Joanne. She told me she is becoming a shaman, she wants to be a healer. I told her she was already one in my book as she does hair and makes everyone feel good.

I love Cali. I miss friends and family already, but the good thing is I know I can always go home!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

An Update

It's been a blazer of a few weeks and for the first time here in London, I feel settled and content. I've got a few more friends, I am busier at work and my home is homey again. That being said, I am off to San Fran in three days and with the thoughts of driving and just being with people who feel like HOME I am feeling the that excited BUZZ of a feeling.

The weekend before last, I visited some amazing flats, mine paled in comparison. I've always hated Victoria tube station, but my friend's flats who are located near there are so large and SO central. We went from one gals house to the others, Belen told me after I said, 'Victoria, blah', 'just you wait and see'.....and she was right, I became quite envious and I think it might be time to move.

It was also nice to have people who live in your neighborhood or a short bus ride one of my coworkers who so generously made pancakes for eight of us on pancake day, a time honored tradition here in Britain. The combos were new to me, but good ol fashion lemon and sugar hit the spot. (Guinness and pancakes...yum)

My other girlfriend is so close she pops over and calls us when she's down the street at our local and we had dinner at hers last night. Last week we celebrated her birthday at a Moroccan resto. Even though the music player was currently out of commission, they still made her stand up on her chair and do a little birthday dance.

Two weekends ago Belen and I took a trip to the seaside. What a weird town Bournemouth is, but the beach was nice and so was all of the greenery we got lost in. The place we stayed had a nice sauna and jacuzzi. It was great to leave London for a break, but also nice to return. It made me appreciate London more.

As an aside, sorry I know this post is random, after seeing Vicky Cristina Barcelona a few days ago, I have a new found appreciation for Penelope Cruz. I loved the movie and it was so beautiful! I've been checking out restaurants too in my neighborhood and I now have a few more favorites.

It might be the light change, the glimmer of hope at the end of the day when you leave work and it actually hasn't yet fallen dark, but my attitude has changed to wild wonderment (and that's a good thing).
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