Monday, August 23, 2010

Not every day can be a 10 out of 10 type day.

Sometimes I have to stop myself from being too overjoyed. What, you say!? Too overjoyed!? From Friday fun with the I know this is silly, but when I have days like yesterday when things just aren't good, I feel as if my world comes to a screeching halt. I really get more frustrated then I should when things aren't right and it makes me question life in general. It's nice to have a happy balance, one must know that there are days when it's just not your day (momma said...), where you feel rubbish and you just want to go in a dark quiet place or you want the day to end.  Not everyday can be perfect, right? Here are a few photos below and above to fit the mood.....

I can now say although I felt so bad yesterday, today I woke and the sun was shining and it's hard to be blue when it's so nice out!

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