Sunday, March 13, 2011

I found a little spot all my own.

I found a place, the search is over! Yes indeed, I move into my little pad next weekend. Luckily for me I knew the landlady and she talked me into going to see it, a bit above my price range, but to be honest I was tired of looking and except for one or two minor things (such as having to put my bike in my closet and the bus cruising by my window) it is perfect.  Definitely city living, only a fifteen minute walk to work, it's on the fourth floor of a pink building.The photo below is an amazing living room, my studio in a way looks like this but much smaller, with the classic San Francisco bay windows.  Now the fun part, my new mission is to find some sweet deals by way of a sofa and little dining table for the kitchen.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We thank our stars we are alive and loved.

A month and a half! And this space has sat so quietly, so patiently for me. I've been trying to hit the books, the real estate books, to no avail. I failed miserably at a test this weekend. Standardized tests are just not my thing (plus the content is SO boring), I've accepted this, now I must move on and ultimately come up with a solution on how to pass because I must pass.

The house hunt continues. I found a place (FINALLY) last weekend. The view was epic. I didn't get it. I found a studio last Thursday. It was cute, a bit far out, but it will do, so perfect for me, just my style. I haven't heard back. I have four to view in the next few days and my heart's just not in it....I am reserved, skeptical. I think it's my karma. But I must remain resilient. To make matters worse, I was paid today by the new company and it wasn't pretty, corporate and new salaried position translates to a lot of 401K, health insurance and taxes diminishing my small salary. I think I have to rethink my apartment budget.

Last night, well Linda (my housemate/aunt/benefactor) has told me to not tell many people, but  last night I witnessed a shooting. I had a moment of, 'is this for real?' when I saw the gun and the fire/light coming from it when it was being shot, to 'holy shit, what the hell just happened' right after the shooting finished, followed by a few tears and mumblings of 'I'm alive' and thankful I was the first to get off the bus, thankful I walk swiftly. A mother dropped to the ground, people scattered and there was this eerie silence followed by police sirens within minutes. I've been to some crazy places in the world and some sketchy lonely streets, it's just so close to home, utter realization as to how violent our American culture really is....there were only teenagers mingling by the bus stop when shots were fired.

Finally, today is Valentine's day and let's just say, I'm a little lonely. I put on my best face and a heart skirt too. I sent out a few cards and tried to love myself, but it's no fun being solo at times, no fun at all, especially when my boss comes in to tell me her husband surprised her with an amazing handbag she mentioned when walking through Barney's and the new gal's husband at work brought her this ridiculously large bouquet of flowers along with six tulips for each of the ladies in my office, an act which won the hearts of our five hesitant, 'we don't like newbies' selves. It was nice, so very nice, but it left me feeling without.

So in hindsight as I write this long catch up, I've got goals, and I've got a lot to do, so I better get to it.

Sorry this is so random!

Image from are2 tumblr.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

So long 2010

I apologize for neglecting this little space that no one reads (ahem). My tumblr elephant takes up my time and limited attention. But I make no excuses except to say, I've been so busy with life; with December, with Sagittarius birthdays (my own included), work activities and trying to find a new home. This week I have only today to run errands, to be at home, to study for an exam I will take in February. It's been a tiresome, but fulfilling month. I am sure you can relate, I am sure you too have felt the days pass with weariness and satisfaction and a thread which measures the tick of time unravel out quickly behind you.

We've had a ritual of spending Christmas eve with the Campi's, a family my father knew from his days as a priest (he is home for the holidays). They are a warm and happy group, each Christmas there is another great grandchild (there are seven children mid 50s) and those I knew as babies are now taller than I. I was asked in passing 'how's life',  'how are you doing' by the Campi men, and without going into detail as I might do with their sisters, I say, 'life is great', 'I am brilliant', 'I am fantastic', and I am. I've realized this past year how much life is a changing process, we are constantly changing and it is something we must except and take positively. I am looking forward to 2011, to something new in the future, to new friends and opportunities, to a prosperous healthy year.

Photos above taken from my lovelies on Bridge street. Noey and I went over to visit our great friends Luigi and Calleen on New Year's eve morning. I am trying out a new hair color (it's a bit too dark). C and L have such decor for the seasons.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Sunday

Occasionally you have those days that make you feel in the present and you are happy with this present, happy in 'the now'.This Sunday was a 'happy to be alive' type day.

I woke late, disappointed at not feeling in top form though giddy in remembrance of the good times had the night before. A breakfast recap among two gal pals, some much needed nourishment and then I went home to change from rain boots I thought appropriate for a cold fall night. Refusing the cool darkness of my house I took my bike to explore, with a short skirt which I just had to wear because it was so HOT. I inexpertly rode my bike to the mission whistling the whole way as I passed motorcyclists out for a Sunday drive, a bunch of hipsters partaking in a pretty amazing looking game of dodge ball and numbers of people licking ice cream walking down the street.

Ice cream is perfect, I thought, and of course everyone else had the same idea. When I got to bi-rite ice creamery known for their salted caramel or burnt orange ice cream there was a long line I wasn't willing to stand in. I chose lavender honey down the street at their market, to take home and made my way back racing with a pretend friend (I know I am ridiculous, but it's true) and smiling. I sat on my porch, my grand porch watching the clouds pass with my ice cream.....later I took a much needed shower...I never noticed how lucky I am to have the shower I do, I am just tall enough to see over the window to watch the sunset over the hill in front of me, all the while getting clean, how many people can do this? Watch a sunset while in the shower? It must be the time of year that causes the sky to be painted with such colors.

I've got a movie night ahead of me with homemade pesto, a few chores to do. I'd say I am very thankful for this Sunday.

(photos of my porch)

Saturday, November 6, 2010


I forgot how much I love to dress up, always ready for a good party and costumes!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dante's Inferno

I was pretty uncultured while in London except for when my friend Rose booked us in to see this temporary exhibit under the Waterloo tube station entitled Dante's Inferno. Tired from a day of shopping I almost passed, but I am so glad I went along in the end. We got lost on the way, and being an American and all, I complained a bit to the proprietor upon entering, 'But that's part of the experience' she replied as we walked toward a full screen barking pit bull. Favorite pieces included this ever bubbling film mirrored in oil entitled 'The Heretics Gate', which looked like sun or water or hell (we were mesmerized), a huge double sized etching in a wall of Bernie Madoff (the epitome of evil) entitled 'Bernie Made Off' and glowing gold ships suspended in air, as if they were on their way to a ghost battle, to a far away land.

Better photos of the exhibit here.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A return to London town.

It was good, real good! I shopped, walked, lunched (in general ate a lot), and drank many a pint....but most importantly I caught up with my very lovely friends that I missed so much. I have rubbish photos, but it's the memories that will sustain me.

Fish and chips and maybe a pair of glasses too?

Well well well, if it isn't the two Sarah's together again.

Ottolingi breakfast for one.

Two American's take London by bus, or by pint after pint (Shoreditch house here we come).

How did this garlic get in my bag? 'I am with Rose here, everyone I am with ROSE!'

Laura on her wheels, I had trouble! 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sufjan Stevens – I Walked

Sufjan Stevens – I Walked

Getting into music like no ones business. I've been so many places, seen so many shows. It's been a good music summer...heading into fall.

Monday, September 27, 2010

We've got to keep on moving.

Flower power in Noe Valley

We like those 9 dollar beers and that free advice at the baseball game.

It was a total Vampire takeover.

We got down, real down, in the heat.

Opening acts have stars in their eyes.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Yo Mama

It's been a ridiculously long time since I've updated this little bloggy blog, I've only had time to blog on my other more fast paced, instant gratification blog (top right).  I've been working ever so much (and not getting paid very well). The weekends have been full and I will post more later on all of the activities. I've also lost my camera charger so I've really been at a handicap without my picture box.

I just bought a ticket to London. I am so excited, as well as a bit nervous, lots of memories are bubbling up to the surface, some of them not so peachy and so I hope it will be altogether a great experience. As my friend says, send it love and light and so when I think too hard about it all and about going over there for the first time in what seems like a lifetime, I just think love and light, and get really excited.

I leave you with a few photos from Yo Mama, a yearly event in Yorkville where we brought up archery, food, champagne, musical instruments, videos, music and a friend...I think a good time was had by all.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I am cruising the city on my two wheels.

Maybe this little blog should be the cycling elephant! I bought a bike and I feel so free! I wanted a bike like my friend Rose has (see above), but I got one that is better for the hills and city. It's funny though because I bought it frustrated at having to rely on friends for a ride and since I got it, I keep getting rides everywhere.

It took me 25 minutes to ride yesterday morning all the way down third street straight to work which is less time than it takes me on the muni. For some reason I keep singing to myself, ' I am smoking fools' and rapping, no idea where this came from and I wasn't going particularly fast. Maybe it was because I consider it a somewhat 'ghetto bike' which I got for 80 dollars. When I picked it up the guy I bought it from was surprised I was going to just ride off with it so I was skeptical about its capability, but it is nice and light and does the job, even my friend Nate thought it was a smart purchase. It will pay for itself in 15 rides to work and it's great exercise.

I keep waving at others who are riding, like now I am in the cool club and I've got that glowing feeling of everyone should be hoping on a bike and doing the same thing. All I need now is a basket and some stickers! I will post a photo soon, but until then a few pictures to get you in that riding mood.

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