Monday, April 28, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

I have recently secured the role of PA to the Head of the Business Information Officer and the Head of the Communications at a charity organisation, St John Ambulance, in Farringdon. Everyone seems really cool and I think it will be a great experience. It's a charity that deals with first aid and safety training and they have many volunteers at concerts/marathon (see photo). Overall we support over 40,000 volunteers within the UK. I am so happy to have a permanant role and to soon be salaried! Everyone was right, it just takes some time after school to find a good position.

Check out where I will be working:

Friday, April 25, 2008

The Faltering Fallback

My housemate and I have a new favorite local.
When I first moved to Finsbury park the doctor I work with suggested a place called the faltering fallback as his favorite bar in the area. I didn't quite understand where it was so I didn't attempt to go.
A few weeks later I was talking to my upstairs neighbor and, as the Brits generally do when first getting acquainted, he started recommending his local pubs. I heard from him again about the faltering fallback so I told me flatmate it was worth a trip.
Sunday following we thought we would explore a bit in the neighborhood and ended up near where the pub was located. We asked someone and they pointed to the end of the road. We heard a lot of noise coming up to it, but only saw ivy and beautiful flowers. When we walked in we were greeted by hoards of men. I turned to my flatmate stating, "this place is great" while she thought the male energy was a bit overwhelming. We walked through uncovering little coves and areas where people played board games. The back opened up to a great simple large room with a pool table and loads of picnic tables, filled with local supporters. The back area, this area, thai food was being served by a suprisingly very clean and tiny kitchen. Trying to find space we discovered the beer garden which had different decks and different levels covered with pretty window boxes and much needed heat lamps.

Since then, we've agreed the faltering fallback is a keeper and a great pub to have in our neighborhood. The name alone is genius and we definitely like the vibe.
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