Monday, July 26, 2010

We kissed little baby hands and listened to music in the sunshine.

Sweet Simone in my lap.

Momma loves Simone.

And momma loves Jack, the new addition to the Vieira-Ducey family. He came a little early, but he's got such personality.

Little Jack was so subdued with music blaring and dishes banging at the resto. I love his little baby hands and he looks a bit like his daddy who I knew when he was this little.

Say cheese and pass me a corona, Sunday in Dolores (again), but this time with Debra!

Big Fela's sweet in the heat.

SF symphony serenades.

The summer has been amazing so far. I've been housesitting so living rent free and exploring new neighborhoods, walking and talking with people on the streets. Babies bring forth joy and it's been a treat to have cuddle time with the new additions to an ever expanding family/friend base.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Viva Espana! Campeones del mundo!

It was a great day yesterday, a day to remember, at least for me. It also made me realize how so different America is from the UK, how we have such different interests in our sports (something I generally don't care about). And how we have such different immigration. Maybe it is just me, missing all of my Spanish friends, loving that community....the world spinned on, nothing changed in the street here. I was called little red riding hood, or something else so unrelated to the actual excitement occurring across the ocean about a football championship,  something I used to dislike so (too much running!), but now have fallen in love with (gracias B). 

No one could comprehend the happiness I felt when Spain, a country so steeped in football history, won the highest title in the world on Sunday. Not only are they world champions, but just a few years back, they also won the Euro, my memories so close. The Spanish truly know how to celebrate and my heart flutters at the thought that I could not be where such celebrations occur (see below the link to the madness).

Photos below of the last day of the world cup, when Espana won for the first time in history, when a favorite team of mine actually won! 'Ola, ola ola ola, ola ola'....'I am still wearing red.

Poor Jill, a dutch fan.

The crowd at Civic Center

Nothing compares to the fiestas occurring in Spain, take a look here. Also click on this link here to see the commentators go wild (I am embarrassed to say I've watched this video more than once). 

Friday, July 2, 2010

Three day weekend.

I am off for some fun; nature walks, a little romp in the sea, a bonfire on the beach for the 4th, after a crazy week.

Pictures to get me in the mood!

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