Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A trip to the Middle Kingdom

It's been awhile. I know I haven't posted anything recently, but I blame it on China's government and their censorship laws that won't let me surf the net, and won't let me blog or check FB. Regardless, I really try to leave the technological baggage at the door when traveling.

My trip was amazing, I am glad I decided to go. I am not sure if it was the fact that my dad was SO generous and covered me for most everything on the trip displaying true Chinese hospitality, or that I met a lot, and I mean a lot, of locals and people from around the world. Maybe it could have been the fact we stayed in a five star hotel in Hong Kong, or our trip to Mount Emei where up the mountain it was so dark and wet, but when it came time to see the Buddha the clouds parted and the statue glistened. It could have been the food, I gained some serious weight in only two weeks, or that my 14 hour flight was a breeze, or maybe it was the pandas, almost extinct we saw the normally sleepy/lazy creatures during their active play time.

The true test for me during this trip was surviving two full weeks with my father (sorry dad). I think we have a fairly great relationship via email or across oceans, but when living together we haven't always seen eye to eye. When I stopped whining, kept my mouth quiet and my father mellowed out a bit, I actually had a great time. And one of the best things about the trip is I realized why he was there and that he's made a life for himself and it is a life that is so very rich.  I could definitely do China again and I have the visa for another year so maybe I will.  More posts with photos to come.

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