Monday, May 31, 2010

Five star Shangri la de da.

Hong Kong is great. Though I am not sure if I liked it because of the people I met, the layout/feel of the city which is an amazing twist of hills and skyscrapers, very metropolitan (see the view from our room above) or it was the hotel my father booked. HK hotel rooms are meant to be small, very very small, so because of this and because my father wanted to give me a Birthday treat for my 30th even though it was six months ago, he booked us into a five star hotel, rated #4 on tripadvisor. My father is not a rich man, but he loves to splurge and splurge we did. He decided (as I cringed, uncomfortable with spending money) that we would enjoy breakfast, happy hour on the 54th floor and a room upgrade upon check in. We stayed four nights and it was probably the best hotel experience I've ever had. Special treats included, free wifi, flowers in our room (that was my father's doing though), the most amazing jasmine tea, water and a magazine brought to you immediately when poolside, employees chiming in 'hello Miss Brett', bookmarks left in my book, an automated curtain opening to the city in the morning, ipod consuls, unlimited champagne and a sweet view of all of Hong Kong. The Shangri La also has the largest mural in China, rainfall showers, BBC in the loo-great to listen to when getting ready, and doormen who always check the cab when we got to the hotel lest we drop or leave some item in the backseat. The only shortfall of our stay was that it was hard to go out and explore the city when all I wanted to do was relax by the pool and enjoy all of the treats of the hotel. I think if we wouldn't have had such a nice hotel or I stayed in an accommodation I am accustomed to I would have been out exploring constantly. Regardless, it was such a special treat and if one can afford five star in Hong Kong, stay here!

My father during cocktail hour, enjoying the cityscape, veuve clicquot, and a serious chat.

Breakfast view.

A special birthday treat left by housekeeping.

Jasmine tea (so great I didn't want the champagne) and flowers upon arrival.

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