Monday, May 31, 2010

Chengdu Panda Reserve

There are so few pandas in the world and China prides itself on not only having the largest number of pandas, but also they research the creatures, feed and aid in their re-creation.

The largest Panda reserve is located in Chengdu.  Visiting the pandas was one place I definitely wanted to go while there and although I was disillusioned that it wasn't the type of park I thought it would be (where Panda's room free) it still was a very green and spacious place where we were able to see the famously apathetic creatures in action. 

I was amused when after we viewed literature/movies on pandas and saw real live ones (the girl in me thinks they are just SO cute and cuddly) my father told me he thought pandas were dumb animals and because of their mating habits they themselves were creating their own extinction. I became defensive, but after reviewing the facts I had to agree. They are finicky lovers, not maternal (they tend to kill their babies) and have dental for meat, yet only eat bamboo.  I still love them all the same!

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