Monday, April 19, 2010

The Sylvester spot and Travis Somerville

I've been house sitting for my people, my lovelies that collect antiques and art, martini glasses and cats, flowers and wine. An ever prevalent artist among their collection is one named Travis Somerville. I went to see some of his work at the Catherine Clark gallery near MOMA.

Travis is an American artist (who was born to civil rights activists). He is known for tackling Southern racial issues, his works incorporate collage, painting and sculptural elements, as well as site-specific installations.

My favorite piece of his is 'The great American let down' where he took vintage photos, old photos, painted half of them in blue representing water and placed them on top of a tin roof, representing those lost in New Orleans (see below though the photo does little justice).

I am not sure what the following two are titled, but they are in the house, ever prevalent Kennedy, great large pieces in the hall.

His most famous work (in my opinion) which toured with the Smithsonian is 'The only begotten son' below, it is such a huge and fiercely moving piece.

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