Monday, April 19, 2010

Sunshine Saturdays and celebrations for Simone.

Simone Grace is coming soon so a party was in order. 27 lovely ladies joined us Saturday to celebrate with my good friend Micaela, mother to be. She's the first of our group to have a baby bump. It was a joint effort by her mother, two other friends, and Anna and I to host the event. Anna and I took care of the booze, invites, games (!!!) and party favors, Micaela's picture on M&Ms, we all text her the next day to tell her we were eating her FACE. We also took care of the decorations. I think Anna and I had more fun on the way over, trying to fit all of the many balloons she went crazy with in the cab of her truck, trying to avoid the many cops we passed and trying to see out the window without allowing a balloon to slip away from our grasps.

Unfortunately I didn't get the greatest photos on the day (see below). There were such sweet touches (like photos of Micaela as a baby on name tags) and she received the most fabulous baby gifts. Now it is only a matter of time.....

Anna and her helium happiness.

Preparing for presents in the garden.

My fav photo of the day, Gerry (Micaela's mother) with her good friend Karen.

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