Sunday, April 11, 2010

Maybe you can have your cake and a chocolate cookie too.

This past week has been special, but sad.

I've house sat, gone for a few cruises in the mini and celebrated the life of my uncle who passed away. I met with a friend for sushi and a walk on the beach at sunset, went for oysters, and went for a tour of Deutch Bank. I did some temping for an all woman's commercial real estate agency, super intense, super fun. I went to the aquarium with a few friends and listened to music.

And this weekend I went down to Monterey/Carmel. I always forget how beautiful it is there. My mother and I stayed at my Godmother's place. It's great and so is her neighbors and her dog Pip (and neighbors' dog Bently). I missed her and her 'honey's', 'pet's' and 'darling's', she truly is the best godmother. Saturday we headed to a jazz performance by my cousin Marie, who was brilliant on the bass, she also plays the huge trombone (I think). Dinner of lobster/halibut and ice cream on the pier followed with three of my aunts, mother and two cousins, a nice little family treat!

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