Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Street discoveries

One finds various things living in a busy city. Although my mother tells me to hold my head high, in London I am constantly looking down for lost treasures. Last night on the way to the shop to get a bit of milk I found a packet of cigarettes. Normally I would leave random cigarette boxes, but this one looked unopen and it was, still neatly wrapped in plastic. With the price of cigarettes very high, I pocketed it to give to my co-worker. This morning on the way to work I found a lighter. I thought to myself, is someone trying to tell me something? Am I supposed to be smoking? as I dropped it in my bag. No, I thought I think it just speaks to the amount of people who still smoke here in London!

I get so happy when I discover something, it makes my day, even if it is quite insignificant. A few months ago both my friend and I jumped on a twenty note outside a tube station and went off to spend it in the pub. And on New Year's day I considered myself a wealthy woman when I found five quid on the ground. So many people drop money out of their pockets. I am sure you all have stories of what you've found or lost? Please let me know them.....

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