Monday, April 6, 2009

Springtime comes to London

Pictures to follow....

Light changes the buildings. Where once they stood crusting over with time, paint chipped and loathing life, they stand artful and purposeful. The dust and decay filled with freshness and emenation.

People come out into the street and they sit or stand outside the pubs. It looks like something is going on at the end of the street. I question the mob until I get up close and it's only people drinking pints, trying to grab the light when they can.

I got lost on my way home from a jaunt in the park yesterday. A neighborhood similar to my own, but disorienting because it wasn't. Through one passage and there were beautiful classic London Victorians and then further down the street, council flats with their colourful doors and gray architectual dullness loomed ahead with their inhabitants running around and chilling out in public. For awhile I walked feeling no cold, enjoying my lostness and the budding cherry blossom trees (always the first to bloom). Then I got frustrated, became tired of walking and at this point I realised where I was and jumped on a bus I knew would take me home.

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