Friday, April 17, 2009


We visited or passed by a plethora of churches and synagogues in our travels last weekend. As it was Easter weekend there was a lot of activity. Here are some photos.

A church or temple (we never were sure of the name) on Buda in Budapest.

Lighted candles in Vienna. Can you spot the decoration?

Mass starting at the church in Vienna's main square, named St Stephen's (they loved this guy). It smelled outside from all the horses who pulled tourists carried in their carriages. They are doing a major restoration on the building and as Belen said, it looked like a huge undertaking.

A church by one of the Castle's in Budapest, so intricate. the castle was also amazing.

Mass at the most beautiful church, (another) St Stephen's in Budapest. This was truely the most beautiful church I've been to (REALLY!).

One of the stain glass windows inside St Stephen's. I then ran outside to listen to the bells of this church ringing and ringing, calling the people to mass.

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