Tuesday, November 20, 2007

London Living: I need a weekend to recuperate from my weekend!

It was a full weekend here in London and I would have loved to have shown you photos of it, but unfortunately I lost my camera. To be fair, it was on its last leg, but I had some great photos of my friends and I around about town. It started on Thursday when I went to a charity event to watch my house mate's band and Friday I met my London girls for the first time being back, in Holborn/Convent Garden area. It was great catching up!

Two mates on Friday came from the States. They were passing through on a backpacking trip and as my bed is so big, I had enough room to put them up and my other mates who came down from Oxford. I took the American gals to Oxford Street on Saturday for some shopping. The crowds were crazy! Later we met up with my Oxford friends who came down to party in Camden. We ended up at this random Kebab shop (great for the late night munchies. It had loads of people eating the fast food in the front and live jazz in the back. Most places close after 12 here in London unless you pay, but entrance into this place meant purchasing a can of beer. It was a blast. I finally gathered up the girls when I noticed it was three in the morning! We had a long bus ride home (not so cool when you're tired and cold). I realized upon arriving home, not only was my camera not in my friends bag, but my friend's phone was gone and so was another friend's gloves. I have lost many a pair here already!

On Sunday we went to Spitalfields market (see photo). Near the Liverpool street station, this covered market is the one I most enjoy and recommend in London. They have up and coming artists selling their prints, bags, jackets, and jewelry. They have vintage and retro wares for sale as well as flowers and food. I had the best organic African food and shared a massive french pastry with my friend, Nadia. Nadia scored a few rings for Christmas gifts and some handmade gloves (to replace the ones she lost). There are great pubs surrounding the market too and we warmed up in one after we shopped to our hearts content. Here is the website for future reference:

Still no job yet, but I am on the hunt and I did some temp work yesterday.

We are having thanksgiving here at my house! You Yanks know we don't have it here in Jolly Ol, but my housemate was excited about the possibility of pumpkin pie!

photo credit: No photos sign, Spitalfields Market, London,

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