Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Filing in Limbo

After another fun filled weekend (thanksgiving fetes all around), I started a new temp job in a private medical office.

Having to get on the tube to go to work everyday fills me with mixed emotions. At times I like the human contact and the eye candy; the men dressed up in lovely suits and the various handbag observations. On the other hand, it is so hot, so slow, and sometimes the mixture of ladies perfume is just too much for one to handle.
When I arrive at the practice, my time is spent in a small room full of files. I have two supposed equals (my colleagues) that lack the spunk, having been at the practice for too long (or are lazy, sorry but true) that I try to avoid.
The offices are spread over four floors and I get my exercise running up and down the stairs, retrieving files, searching for files, and returning files. There are over 20,000 patients and it is pure file pandemonium. Being the overambitious employee (I was trying to make the time pass at rapid speed) I decided to go through all the files to make sure they were in proper order. As I did this I imagined the lives of the people whose files I held. I thought of them hugging each other in the real world as their files hugged each other, so close next to each other my fingers bled from securing the arrangement. I wondered if Brown and Browne would ever meet and how easy it would be if she took his name. I gave life to the drabness of those thin slices of manila and of the filing process. Between filing I skipped up and down the stairs and made faces at the CTV cameras that watched the buildings inside and out (the Brits love to spy). If this is how I am as a meager filer, just imagine how I will be when I actually like arriving to work I love! Ohh please let that day come soon so I can leave these files behind.


Jen & Taki said...

You are such a beautiful writer. You're career may be best suited between to hard covers and at the top of the bestseller list: )

love your cuz, Jen

Marcia said...

Good post.

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