Thursday, November 29, 2007

Read Worthy: Human Cargo.

The IR student in me continues to crave non fictional books about life's truths, however horrific they may be. Caroline Moorehead gives us stunning accounts of refugees and asylum seekers and their paths to life and security in "Human Cargo". Not only does she describe the reasons and circumstance people are forced to flee their respective countries through short histories of the regions and first hand accounts, she shows the challenges people face in their journeys as well, their settlements, and sometimes their eventual return. Moorehead also writes of the factual regulations, laws, and prejudices towards asylum seekers in various countries such as Australia, the United States, and Italy which although I knew about the United States, others were shocking revelations. I recommend this book not only because Moorehead is a brilliant writer, but the number of refugees are ever growing in our world and their plight is one we must be aware of.

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