Thursday, November 1, 2007

3 of my favorite places in Oxford.

If you ever get to Oxford I would recommend three places guaranteed to give you the best of what Oxford has to offer. For classic tea, head to The Rose on High Street. The food is fresh and homemade and the tea hits the spot.
For a new boutique with gifts and British style clothing (Orla Kiely is a favorite), carry on down the street to Aspire Style.
And one of my favorite pubs in all of Oxford is the Turf Tavern. Pubs are plentiful in this college town, but the Turf stands out (in reality it is hidden away and newbies have to be shown by a seasoned veteran where to go). The turf is famous for the place where Clinton "did not inhale", back in his Harvard days. Inside the Turf it is cozy and ceilings are low, keeping warm a mixed crowd of young and old. Outside everyone congregates, circling fires or heat lamps, telling tales of whimsical proportions.

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