Monday, November 12, 2007

Bounds Green

Luckily for me I have sweet friends. My friends Maggie and Joel who live in Oxford connected me with Gabrielle and Richard Lobb of Bounds Green who had a spare room needing an occupant. As I was looking for something temporary until I get my feet off the ground, it worked out splendidly for both of us. They have a three bedroom house in North London which they are fixing up....although the bathroom, (my favorite part) modern and plush, is finished....see the last photo. The first photo is Gabrielle in front of her red door (Great luck!) and the second one is of our street. The third photo is the fireplace in my is very pretty as is the view from my large windows. There is also a baby grand in the living room as Richard is a professional musician. It's so sad I've forgotten how to play, but no matter~ there is no shortage of music in this house!

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