Wednesday, December 29, 2010

So long 2010

I apologize for neglecting this little space that no one reads (ahem). My tumblr elephant takes up my time and limited attention. But I make no excuses except to say, I've been so busy with life; with December, with Sagittarius birthdays (my own included), work activities and trying to find a new home. This week I have only today to run errands, to be at home, to study for an exam I will take in February. It's been a tiresome, but fulfilling month. I am sure you can relate, I am sure you too have felt the days pass with weariness and satisfaction and a thread which measures the tick of time unravel out quickly behind you.

We've had a ritual of spending Christmas eve with the Campi's, a family my father knew from his days as a priest (he is home for the holidays). They are a warm and happy group, each Christmas there is another great grandchild (there are seven children mid 50s) and those I knew as babies are now taller than I. I was asked in passing 'how's life',  'how are you doing' by the Campi men, and without going into detail as I might do with their sisters, I say, 'life is great', 'I am brilliant', 'I am fantastic', and I am. I've realized this past year how much life is a changing process, we are constantly changing and it is something we must except and take positively. I am looking forward to 2011, to something new in the future, to new friends and opportunities, to a prosperous healthy year.

Photos above taken from my lovelies on Bridge street. Noey and I went over to visit our great friends Luigi and Calleen on New Year's eve morning. I am trying out a new hair color (it's a bit too dark). C and L have such decor for the seasons.

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laura townshend said...

Hey Sarah I read your blog! Boom roasted. I love the new hair colour. Check out this song I think you might like (I know this seems like spam but I swear it isn't)

xoxo LT

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