Monday, August 3, 2009

Parkside Farm picking paradise

I've been quite the nature girl lately what with camping and hiking. Then this weekend my friends and I went to a farm to pick our own fruit and vegetables. With my roots steeped in farming I couldn't help but snap photos of the tractors and the strawberries growing abundantly. It was only a short twenty minute train ride away, but Parkside Farm felt far out. Upon our arrival we were given little baskets to put our berries in and started on our way.
There were a few weird people there who didn't respect the land or rules and who just ate the fruit instead of putting it in their baskets. We tried to ignore them.

We'd had a huge breakfast so just sampled a bit and picked a lot to take home. At one point Belen had to stop me because I was so excited and so into it that I was picking just to pick. I was sad the cucumbers weren't in season, but we got some nice looking greenbeans that reminded me of my grandmother. Lindsey said the green beans reminded her of hers too! It was a great bargain and a nice afternoon out.

I so wanted to jump on these bad boys....

Lindsey and I showing off our green beans.

Belen and her mutant raspberry (they were SO delicious)

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