Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A quick update before I take flight

I am leaving tomorrow. I just need the sun. All of those photos on the social networking sites with all of my mates at the beach were getting me down so I just had to do the same.

It's definitely summertime in my office. Many people are off, everyone in the office as I pass them, their screen image reflects back at me with unrelated work sites; shopping for a washer, booking a flight, checking facebook. My colleague and I have been having a blog blitz and sharing our most favourite sites with each other. I've discovered some great ones which I will share with you soon. I've also just finished a good book, The Girl Who Played with Fire, one in a series of three by Stieg Larsson. I now must anxiously await the last book's translation from Swedish.

The weather's been good here though....not great, but I haven't used my umbrella so that's always a good sign.

I went with the gals to the park this weekend. I baked a cake, I watched Revolutionary Road. I cleaned my house Saturday morning which got all messy after a friend came over Saturday night and then another friend on Sunday. The Sunday night friend discovered a mouse in our kitchen (yes the saga continues, mice plague my life here, like Bill plagues Hillary's, like pesky housemates).
Also on Saturday, when the post strikes subsided and I actually received mail, I opened a letter from Transport for London. It seems I have bad luck when it comes to cars. The one time that I rent a car in London, I get two tickets...they've got camera's everywhere! One of the tickets wasn't my fault and was a misunderstanding with a congestion charge payment, the second ticket was ten minutes away from the rental car place (!!!) after I'd driven north for five hours and then back again. Since I don't have a UK license I might have to go to court (NOOOO) and pay a hefty fine (don't worry grandpa I won't go to jail). It's such a pain and so costly.

I'll stop going off on one and instead just be off, ta.

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