Friday, July 17, 2009

Things I don't like

Last night on my way to babysit, while riding in the stuffy underground, I smelled a smell of nail varnish. What's this I thought? I looked to my left, then my right and then straight ahead. There, there right in front of me, was a woman PAINTING HER NAILS ON THE TUBE (quite poorly, they looked rubbish)! Nail varnish in an inclosed space!

My mom's shocked voice echoed in my head, or was that mine? Distant memories came back to me of my mother yelling at me to open a window or go outside when I put paint to nail. She always thought the smell was poisonous to ones lungs. I rather like the smell, but understand the intoxication one gets from it in enclosed areas. Although I am for painted nails, painting them on tubes or even the plane (I've seen this once too) is so uncouth. Am I being over dramatic? ok I'll stop my ranting.

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