Monday, January 12, 2009

On a serious note, peace protest for Gaza 10 Feb 2009

On Saturday over 100,000 people in London met at Marble arch to protest the bombing of the Gaza strip. It was lightly snowing and so very cold, but nevertheless people came and chanted 'what do we want? PEACE, when do we want it, NOW' and 'viva palestina' What made me angry is how the peaceful demonstration with its young children, students, posh people and intellectuals, turned into a bit of a riot. I was angry that things got out of hand for a few individuals and even more upset at how the media portrayed the protest.

In truth I am impartial to both Israel and Gaza. I see both sides of the coin, but I do not support the innocent killing of children, I do not support bombing civilians and ruining homes. One reaps what they sow and I am a firm believer in history and its effects on younger populations.

I am also an idealistic in that I just want PEACE and this continued fighting with guns and bombs will never bring about peace.

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