Monday, January 26, 2009

Obama reviews and rants

At this moment, I am proud, something I haven't been for the past eight years. I am pleased that America voted for difference, that they voted for the wild card (or wild for this conservative nation). I can only say that it was time someone moved people and enabled the masses to come together collectively. I am not sure if it is Obama or our recent hardships that led millions to descend upon Washington a week ago for the momentous occasion, but I was happy for it.

I am happy for America, but at the same time I think to myself; he is but one man. A great man nevertheless, but simply only just one man and the expectation upon him is SO overwhelmingly great.

I hope he does well. I believe him to be intelligent and forward thinking. And he's given hope when there was little and replaced a past President that has increased our deficit and never should have been in office.

I found myself thinking while Obama spoke about America being great and how America should once again be first, that we should really give up this notion of being the best. We must stop concentrating on being the best, the strongest super power externally and focus on rebuilding internally. Once we admit to ourselves that we will never stay forever in a place of power (remember Rome had its day, Britian did too), then we can be free and content with what we have.

I wish him well.

Check out the photos.

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