Sunday, January 11, 2009

Leave to remain

It's official, I'm staying in England one more year. After applying not once but twice, I heard my application was accepted for leave to remain in the UK.

I got a little note when leaving the house for a anti war demonstration yesterday that the post man had been around with the package. I was desperate to know so I could tell my work and have everything sorted. I was hating being in limbo (I went a bit mental at the mobile phone guy this week because I wanted a NICE phone, but didn't want to get a nice phone if I had to leave in two weeks time). I chased the mailman down on a neighboring street. He knew what I was coming for. After whooping and hollering when I opened the package, I went off to celebrate with friends and protest for peace. :)

I have been dreaming of home (maybe it's the cold dark days here) and although I won't be making California my permanent home till next year, I shall be home for a visit (and Micaela's wedding) in March.

Thanks for every one's support.


Anonymous said...


Happy New Year!!! Kinda bummed that you are staying in England. Sorry but's true. I miss you. I read that you will be in town in March. I'm sure you will be busy. If not, let me know. Perhaps I can make a trip to SF to see you.

Love you,


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah Brett!
I'm glad you're getting to stay although I would love to see you back in Cinci. Maybe some job you love will turn up since you are getting to stay!

Love Aunt Rita

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