Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hoss Intropia

Shopping with the gals is a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. We found my flatmate's good friend in Intropia Hoss, a store I am not familiar with, but with one step in, I fell in lust.
It's a Spanish, less whimsical, smaller, Anthropologie ish store. I have a love for buttons and this satisfied my love with its large odd shaped, pale colored buttons attached to dresses, fine leather bags, and the occasional high heel. A favorite of my friends was a white chunky domino looking (without the black dots) necklace that the sales assistant was wearing for only the small price of 32quid.

The black dress seen above is from their summer collection, great for someone tall who likes variation in their ordinary white/black getup.

For more looks, check out their site:

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