Thursday, May 29, 2008


A bank holiday is a cherished thing here in England. Generally people take the three day weekend to have a short getaway or to have one extra day to 'veg out' over the weekend. Last weekend my friends and I decided on the latter and took a (camping) trip to Cornwall which is in the South West of England.

Rain was expected (surprise, surprise), but we went prepared, with huge ruck sacks on our backs and tents strapped to our waists. We arrived in Penzance and set up camp in a tiny (only a two pub) village near St Michael's Mount, a castle a few meters from shore that you can explore when the tide wis out. As luck would have it, a beer festival was going on and although the weather was cold we had little rain the day we arrived. We then went to St Ives, a beautiful, fairly posh coastal town, and in the evening attempted to sample most of the Cornish beers at the beer festival.

Sunday was a favorite day with lots of laughter, lots of sun, and a long hike along the coast. Up and down the hills and dales we went with our rain boots and I with my large and cumbersome umbrella, trying to reach Lands End (yes it is an actual place, not just a catalogue!!)! We saw cows, beautiful wild flowers, tiny water falls and clear blue water (you wouldn't think it in England, but it looked as if we were in the Mediterranean). I maned the middle in the group, trying to get the lovely ladies behind me to keep up while they snapped photos left and right trying for that perfect picture, while yelling to the two hardcore hikers in the lead to wait for us.

Monday, our last day, the ugly weather reached us, but with the memory of sunshine still with us and the knowledge we would soon be home, we didn't mind trying to put down our tents in the down pour and wind or mind the long bus ride home with only scones and clotted cream (a Cornish staple) to fill our bellies.

I definitely recommend the trip if you have time to spare while in England.

Photos to follow.

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