Monday, June 9, 2008

Read Worthy: Nefertiti

I have friends that I absolutely adore, but when it comes to certain things, like movies, books or music, some friends have complete opposite tastes. I have issues with one of my friend's (I am not naming any names) choice of reading material. We always seem on the opposite spectrum of literary enjoyment, that is until now.

We finally found commonality in 'Nefertiti' by Michelle Moran. Although it is (very) loosely based on fact, it paints a grandiose picture of machinations, scheming and plotting, in Egypt in the time of the Pharaoh's. One always likes a bit of adventure and beauty and this story, written in the voice of Nefertiti's sister, brings one back in time. It would be a great movie and I am suprised it hasn't been turned into one yet. When I am not reading it, I am thinking about it. I even walked home last night blocking out the city around me to continue the story. I would recommend it to those heading to the beach or going on holiday because you won't want to put it down!

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