Thursday, October 18, 2007

To London, to London to buy a fat pig.

Tower Bridge, London
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I dream of furniture and house fixtures, hope for a picture on a wall which acknowledges my style or presence. I covet magazines like House Beautiful and Elle Decor. A place of my own (where I can actually have my books on a bookshelf) is left on the back burner. I now have the sea to cross.
I am leaving to London this afternoon to embark on another great adventure or to finish the one I started. I will visit with my cousin and stay with my wonderfully generous friends in Oxford while I look for a flat in London. I will post pictures soon of those cheeky Brits and hopefully report I scored a proper job. Fingers crossed.

So long for now San Fran.


Anonymous said...

oh yes, come back to old England!the sun is shining (its true)and pints of guinness are waiting!!
i cant believe i will see you SO soon..!!ready? steady?? go!!!

Anonymous said...

I love you! So happy to see your blog.
Looking forward to spending time sooner than later.
Keep in touch!
Love and Light,

Katherine Coder said...

I'll miss you being on the left coast!! I'm so sad to hear that you'll be hopping the pond, but so excited for you in all of your new adventures!

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