Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Lovely Oxford

After spending a night in London with my cousin Jessica (pictures to follow) at the Intercontinental Hotel near Hyde Park (highly recommended), I arrived in Oxford on Saturday. It felt like a dream, like I was going back in time. My friend's and I jumped jubilantly around for an hour or two when first meeting and then they whisked me off to the city centre to watch an important rugby match with a group of friends. It was a proper Oxford welcoming as we stayed up late into the night with pints, laughter, and stories. On Sunday I ran into a nurse that I used to work with (she was shocked to see me!) and had her swear not to tell a soul I was making a surprise visit the next day to the practice. When I arrived there Monday, although everyone was excited, most already knew of my return, except for our two Doctors. I brought coffee to them like it was a regular old work day and I had never left. They were flabbergasted and both did double takes which my mate (and coworker) and I found to be so hilarious. Her and I were termed by the practice as Batman and Robin (I'm Batman). It is good to be here. Though mama, please send me more WARM coats and scarves!

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