Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Thank you for ruining my breakfast, Mr President.

I sat down with my coffee this morning to enjoy a quick view of the morning news and found George W on every channel. I hate it when this happens. I caught him at the point where he was explaining we have more people than we have houses and I don't want to take patients or money from the private (meaning the big HMO companies). I believe his news conference was his attempt at explaining why he vetoed a bill to allow the "poor kids" medical aid. When I see him now I think about when his daughter was asked by Ann Curry last week on the Today Show, "What is it you would like the country to know about your father?" and she replied, "that he is incredibly open and he is actually really smart." If the president's daughter has to defend her father's intelligence, I believe we have a problem.

One can only hope congress will pass the bill to double the amount of children eligible for health care. Under the Children's Health Insurance Program it will cost 35 billion over a ten year period to provide care for 10 million children. The program aids those who are over the medicaid bracket and are unable to afford private insurance. European countries support all of their children medically, why can't we?

I cannot wait till next year when Bush will be a memory, an unfortunate stain on our presidential past.

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