Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Puerto Vallerta, Mexico

It seems like a distant memory now....

Ahh PV, the plane ride was a breeze, Yes to Air Mexicana! The food was great, guacamole, various burritos, fresh tortilla chips I couldn't get enough of and flan. The weather was perfection, not too hot, not too cold, 80/90 degrees. And our hotel, I haven't actually stayed at a hotel on the beach, par a trip to Big Sur, where you sleep and rise to the sound of crashing waves. It's the most beautiful experience, this is what I will take with me...that and the kind Mexican people and my friend Debra, and Andale, across from our hotel, AN EXPERIENCE, and the whale I saw, those large mammals, like my elephants, but in water, gracefully gliding in the expansive sea, showing off their big tail.

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