Sunday, January 3, 2010

To the country....Mendocino country

A spot on the map, surrounded by sweet nothing, I google Yorkville which leads us to my parent's friend's house, their country home, industrial and modern surrounded by woods. It is far north, about three hours. It is beautiful country, we pass vineyards and I think when we turn onto the dirt road, it is closer than it actually is.
Noelle, my best friend joins me, her Rosie dog in tow, after arriving, after about just ten short minutes she turns to me and says, 'Let's stay another night, let's stay two nights'.
We are greeted with champagne, a fire, beautiful artwork, and for me old friends, loves I've always known. Linda makes us a sandwich and then a martini and I tell them of my exodus from London. Noelle tells them of her purchase, a condo. We are very different here and I.
We wake the next morning to the sun filtering through the trees and the open windows, such open windows even in the bathroom, the shower. Music fills the high walls, the tall tin roof, forever and ever. We do yoga, eat great food and explore. We rest and relax and read. Dan tells us of his craftmanship, we project movies onto open spaces.

We greet my parents and do it all over again and then leave the magical place happy.

The house in the woods.

Daniel after Christmas, inside the house. Sorry for the blur and that head coming from the wall is plastic.

My parents and I on a jaunt in the woods.

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