Tuesday, May 5, 2009


My friend was generous enough to lend me her ride for a weekend trip to Wales. The weather was meant to be nice and once I picked up the car, I was very excited to hit the road. Getting out of London was a mission as roundabouts aren't my forte, but after a quick three hours, we entered Breacon National Park. The villages were quaint, the rolling hills a plenty and the sheep overwhelmingly outnumbered the people. It was amazing to go down a country road, on either side a view wide and green as the next, with not one car passing you for miles. We set up camp in a beautiful organic campsite (see link above) next to a river with chickens roaming free. We made a fire (our first) and cooked dinner with a bit of difficulty (our veggie sausages fell into the fire).
The next morning we woke up and explored the park, hiking up to its many waterfalls and devouring its lovely cakes at the local pub.
The following day was a bit gray so we packed up to take the long way home, through Cardiff where I thought; oh poor people of Cardiff, your weather is rubbish! With a luxury of a car I sneakily came upon an ikea and so spent the last of the three day weekend running crazily around it.

I would definitely recommend Wales.

Bu 'n fawr! (It was great, in Welsh)

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