Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Last week was action packed (and v stressful).

We had our pub quiz at work which I helped organise. My team, We thought it was a roller disco, came in 2nd by half a point. Below is a photo of my team, with the winning trophy that we pretended we won. We were robbed of the title by the CEO's team. In the movie picture round we confused a photo of Tom Cruise with Top Gun when it was Born on the 4th of July. And I chose incorrectly Howard's End vs the Remains of the day, same difference I think!

Thursday I met up with Stephanie at the Tate Modern. The fabulous thing about her banking job are the perks including regular nights at galleries or museums with free food and booze. We got there at the perfect time, stuffed our faces before it got crowded and power networked or in Steph's case, tried to 'pull' guys (just kidding Steph). The exhibit is worth a visit, Pop Life with Jeff Koons, Keith Haring (my favourite), Andy Warhol, a whole host of 80s memorabilia and a lot of porn, the decade was decadent and raunchy.

Two days later I made my way to the other Tate, the Tate Britain. Leaves fell around me and the rain blew, it was a perfect day for the museum. I got there early enough so it wasn't too crowded and I could be at peace with all of the British artists and their less modern art.
The winds have turned and I am looking for a new flat or a new way of life.
I leave you with a funny photo of Stephen and Steve at the quiz, 'Please let us win,
please, oh the suspense!'

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