Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fashionista heaven by way of a blog

I found this photo on one of the many fashion blogs I've been scouring lately, like this one: Jak&Jil. It's a fashion revelers delight, like the Sartorialist, but not. This photo so reminds me of a herd of giraffe, or sheep (yet beautiful black sheep). Rush, rush, rush to the shows.

There is also Sea of Shoes, this gal is living the life of dreams with her shoes in Texas. It looks like she gets her style from her mother.

And of course there is always the fabulous fab: , brought to you by my friend Samantha (second from the right).

One blog leads me to another and to another and so on. There are some that are so utterly imaginative, some where the writing is fab, but the pictures are not and some whose content and photos overwhelm.  Is this heaven  (there is something for absolutely everyone) or hell (how many photographers/writers are out there)?!With all these new blogs popping up, and this stream of constant new information, I can't help thinking, how can one keep up?

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