Monday, November 24, 2008


Friday night I had this brilliant idea to bleed the radiators in my flat right before a cold snap. Having no idea about radiators, I sat watching water flow out of it into a pan, flowing ever so much into another, and another pan, all the while thinking how responsible I was with the maintenance of my flat. Those waters flowing, that I thought so successfully should, ruined my boiler and the weekend.

Flash forward tp the following day.
Red light flashing, I was lucky to have electricity to boil water. I was able to shower with two buckets before, why not now, I thought? I had to go out and wasn’t presentable so I attempted to run up and down the stairs filling the tub with boiling hot water. After filling it a few inches (it took ages!) I cringed with the thought of taking off my many layers. It had to be done. Cold licked at my heels and I tried to be as quick as possible.

'It’s really cold', Belen and I kept repeating . 'Go to the pub', her mother told her, 'it’s warm there'. I gave up and spent the majority of the weekend in bed, under a heap of covers while temperatures plummeted. A coolness brushed the tips of my shoulders left uncovered which felt like cold breath or a being warning me of winter.

Lesson learned, radiators are meant to hold water and from this point on I refuse to try and be handy. On the upside, it was so cold, it kept the mice away.

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