Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas with the Loeschers.

Being away from home was difficult this Christmas. It was made easier by an invitation to join the lovely Loescher family for their Christmas day dinner up on Boar's hill in Oxford. Conversation was abundent around the cozy table and I was excited to see the usual Christmas fixings upon arrival. We were all so full after Gil's stuffing, Ann's oh so yummy turkey (as well as many other dishes) and italian scroppino made by Maggie after dinner. They had family friends who just came from Australia and Italy so we had a bit of a cultural Christmas especially as American's since we participated in the native British traditions such as Christmas crackers (see the photo with crowns) and figgy pudding. The above photos are of the candles above the hearth and Maggie, Claire (The beautiful Loescher daughters), and Ann whipping up the goodies in the kitchen. It was such a treat!

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